Bowhunting in Africa

Bowhunting in Africa is a thrilling experience, regardless of the trophy you seek. Home to one of the most diverse selection of species on the planet, the true skill of the hunter is put to the test in every possible way, resulting in the most rewarding of journeys. From navigating the wet terrain of the ancient Eastern Cape to walking through the dry bushveld of Limpopo, we offer bowhunting safaris in the company of professional hunters.

Hunting Trophies

Choose from a selection of hunting trophies and find out more about the hunting equipment you will need in order to make a success of your hunt . Trophy packages are fully inclusive and provide real value for money based on the amount of time spent in Africa.

Hunting Areas

Species roam a number of areas and certain species can only be found in some locations. Each area offers a different hunting experience so when selecting your hunting package, be sure to take the location into consideration.

Popular Bowhunting Trophies

We offer bowhunting safaris all across South Africa and we organise hunts in such a way that each hunter has the best opportunity, in an area boasting an abundance of the trophy of their choice. We plan the hunts to take place solely in those concession areas set aside for this specific style of hunting and in places where the wildlife can move naturally along game trails and waterholes. We believe in ethical hunting, and as such the entire hunt is carried out in an ethical way, with the wildlife unhindered in their routine movements and habits. To ensure a successful hunt, the strategic placement of blinds and tree stands are used. This special strategy benefits both the hunter and the trophy.

South Africa is, in every way, the ideal place to go bowhunting, simply because it is home to an abundance of a wide variety of species. Every bowhunter can enjoy the thrill of practicing this hunting skill which is in many ways based on ancient practices.

Below are a few of the trophies on offer and a little information about each.

Why go bowhunting with us?

We offer our clients the foremost bowhunting experience for those looking for an unforgettable African hunting expedition. Our bowhunting takes place in the best destinations throughout Southern Africa, giving hunters the perfect opportunity to carefully select the animal they wish to hunt. By offering select hunting opportunities based on location, hunters can enjoy a tailored hunt. We focus hunts on areas which are abundant with game, allowing you the chance to hunt in a natural setting, one uninhibited by people.

Bowhunting remains the most challenging method of hunting and one that requires true skill and unyielding patience.

Bowhunting in South Africa is a far more rewarding practice than most of todays more conventional hunts. With no legal documents surrounding the importing of bows into South Africa, this method has also become the most accessible to those hunters with the skill or who want to gain the skill. We aim to provide those who choose us as their outfitter, with all of the information they require. From the first enquiry you make to booking the hunt, and then organising the ideal itinerary to complement your unique specifications, we are there to help every step of the way.

It is not only professional hunters who can enjoy this experience, as we also welcome those who are new. We also have a variety of options which allow the whole family to join. Whether taking on the role of hunter, or simply coming along to enjoy an African safari, we can create a package that complements all types of needs and expectations.

We have formed long-lasting relationships with various lodges, outfitters and concession holders throughout South Africa and beyond, which has helped to ensure that hunters enjoy a superior hunt. We place a lot of emphasis and attention on providing those who join us with a first class service with the hope of not only creating an unforgettable hunt but to also encourage clients to return for future adventures. A trip to Africa with us is guaranteed to be one that you will never forget.

Venture to Africa

An unforgettable trip awaits for those looking to experience a real African bow hunting excursion. You can contact us today for more information so that you can begin planning.