Bowhunting Areas

Exciting bowhunting opportunities are available throughout Southern Africa, with destinations in the Eastern Cape and Limpopo Provinces of South Africa being the most sought-after.

The areas most suitable to bowhunting

South Africa General Overview

South Africa remains the continents most popular destination for hunting of all kinds. Home to plain game, dangerous game and a variety of birds, the country is not only known for having a myriad of interesting species, but it is also know for being eaisly accessible and quite affordable. As a more urban country, hunters can look for to a rustic style of first world comfort depending on the area in which they hunt. A one of a kind location offering everything from five start hunting camps to guided hunting experiences, the hunting environment is one that every hunter should take advantage of.

Bowhunting in South Africa includes areas in the Eastern Cape Province and the Limpopo Province, while areas in the Lowveld of Mpumalanga, the Western Bushveld and certain places in the Kalahari offer other hunting options. The species are diverse and exotic to outsiders, and each hunt is as authentic as it comes.

The main access point is via Johannesburg, and most hunters can expect to arrive at OR Tambo International Airport before being transferred to their hunting destination.

South Africa’s very own green isle, with lush vegetation and unforgettable rolling mountains, the Eastern Cape has long been a popular tourist destination thanks to its abundance of wildlife and its picturesque landscapes. In colonial times, hunting has unregulated, and overseas visitors would hunt the animal populations here to the point of near decimation. Animals at that time were considered pests and farms were more than happy for someone else to rid them of the problem.

Today, the animal populations are thriving once more due to intensive conservation efforts which has resulted in the establishment of various national parks and private game farms. Conservation remains the primary goal, but that are various hunting opportunities for those in search of both dangerous game and plains game trophies.

How to get there

Arriving at OR Tambo International Aiport in Johannesburg, parties can fly to Port Elizabeth and be transferred to the hunting destination or they can take a road trip.

Best time to visit

South Africa has some of the most enviable weather on the planet, which means there are only two months of the year, June and July, that are not suitable for hunting.


The landscapes here are quite rocky and rough for the unfit while the vegetation is mostly thick and in some places wooded. Dense coastal forests characterise the Southern regions but for the most part, the terrain is quite easy to handle.

Venture to Africa

An unforgettable trip awaits for those looking to experience a real African bow hunting excursion. You can contact us today for more information so that you can begin planning.